My Old Dog (RIP)

I was hiking a trail a few years ago with my trusty dog by my side. Up ahead I saw a big ole black water snake lying across the trail. Just to have a little fun I decided to see if my dog would see or sniff it out. I had the dog on a leash and was walking him slowly up to the snake. The dog never knew the snake was there and was actually standing over it. I had never seen that before, a dog standing over a lethargic snake. All of a sudden that snake woke up shot off like its tail was on fire. At the same time the dog jumped straight up into the air and tried to take off. I was laughing so hard I just dropped the leash and let him have his head. I finally caught up to him about a half a mile down the trail and the dog was actually looking at me like it was my fault. I don’t think it liked me smiling at him. About that time a bird flew over and bombed my shoulder. Now, the dog was smiling at me with that contented look on its face. I guess the moral is that if you like playing around with Mother Nature don’t be surprised if she plays back because Mother Nature does like to play! 

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  1. greunie

    March 21, 2017